How do you start your next marketing project?

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I will start of by asking a question. Will you gain business just having a website? I will give you the answer of, Yes. Throwback you say. Well business will happen, but it will take time to get your business onto your website. 

Search Engine Optimization will give you that extra push that your looking for in getting your business out there. Many different things have to go into your website that gives you that edge. 

Now on the part of what I am writing about is using Social media in our Traffic to our websites. What social media do you use? You should be using the big ones. Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr, Twitter, and Pinterest. Now there are many that I have listed here and I know your thinking how am I going to post on all of these sites without paying extra people to manage them. There are ways to do it without using too much effort.

Each of the Sites rank on their own. So its like Google in its own sites. So with that in mind there is a service that helps you use these services to post to each of them with posting to one social media site. It is called friends+me. Linking all of these sites will help you on your way.

Setting this up is complex and difficult but if you know what your doing I am happy for you in your journey, but we are here for you to be successful. Contact us for more info.


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