Branding Specialists

When you first started your business you needed a voice something that your clients would see and remember as they carried out their daily tasks. Even I had to look within to find what makes me successful and a Symbol or Logo to live by.

Here at Makana Design we take your business as professional. So when you come to see us you will see someone that cares as much or more about your business.

The Logos the business colors come into play when you went to high school. These colors distinguished you between other schools. The same with your business colors and what you stand for and how often you show your customers who you are. Branding is more than just a logo and colors. Branding of a company for example is when they see your logo they get a emotional response that triggers them to take action to find out and to take part in what you do.

Helping Companies find their voice is what we do and how we do it is above industry standard. It is looking out for the consumer and benefiting them.

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